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The ultimate guide to XML Sitemap | easy way for best hints

XML Sitemaps give hints to the search engines that, What's the content about so in this sense you have to very much attentive to generate your XML sitemaps or RSS/Atom Sitemap (/sitemap.xml and /feeds/posts/default?alt=rss) and on Sitemaps submission on Google Search Console (choose your property and step forward to submit sitemaps) but care about for generating XML Sitemap cause Robots Blocked Text URLs aren't functional in XML Sitemaps and Consider Canonical URL Following To Build XML Sitemaps.

Sitemaps: XML/RSS/Atom?

If you are a non-technical SEO professional then RSS/Atom feeds suitable for you and you are Technical SEO Professional then XML formatted Sitemaps for you cause:

* RSS/Atom sitemaps are automated so there isn't something special to more attention to it.

* XML Sitemaps are not automated also needs technical knowledge to build and handle it, I.E. your site obtained 100 blog post and have 10 pages but after publishing your XML sitemap, you are seeing that search console discovered 100 (-/+) URLs but not all of your site URLs just because of a few of dead and bad links (use chrome extension, search console, SEO tools, and Software to find out the dead links and bad links) and not publishing website/blog page as a separate blog post or web post (see the latest captioned image) by that means you need to create a new link for your each of blog/web page as a regular post to hints the Googlebot that there have a something to Crawl and Index.

 "Create a new link for your each of blog/web page as a regular post (specially for XML Sitemaps) to hints the Googlebot that there have a something to Crawl and Index". - Momenul Ahmad


The ultimate XML Sitemaps guide

What's the ultimate guide to generating the ultimate XML sitemap and what should follow?

When you are generating XML Sitemap, not HTML SItemap then follow the below SEO Optimize Nine "9" XML SItemap building steps and the ultimate guide of the ultimate XML Sitemap that will help you to skyrocket your technical SEO also will give the best hints to search engines to crawl and index your content very easily: 

1. All XML sitemaps should be accessible.

2. All XML sitemap has to be the valid structured.

3. XML sitemap should be present.

4. All XML sitemaps should be within the file size limit.

5. All XML sitemaps are within the URL count limit (no more than 50,000 URLs).

6. Readable XML sitemap should be present.

7. All XML sitemaps should be discoverable.

8. All XML sitemap content should be valid.

9. XML Sitemap should look like as SEOsiri XML Sitemap.

The above XML Sitemaps best practice, I prepared upon the basis on the SEOsiri's XML Sitemaps Index status by getting help from the content king. Thanks, Content King.

SEOsiri Clients Registration

Creating a new link for your each of blog/web page, Ex:

Existing blog page- Clients Registration Page.

New URL (blog post) from the existing blog page- SEOsiri's Clients Registration in Digital Marketing.

Tools and Sitemaps Plugin for building the Visual Sitemap and XML Sitemaps:

1. Google Code Archive.

2. Google Sitemap Generator.

3. Yandex Sitemaps File.

4. Feedburner.

5. Video Sitemaps.

6. Bing Sitemaps Help.

7. For CMS-based sitemaps plugin search for using this search term. i.e. "WordPress/XML Sitemaps plugin", "Wattpad/XML Sitemaps", "Tumblr/XML Sitemaps", "Squarespace/XML Sitemaps", "Joomla/XML Sitemaps" as well as also use this search term for the other major CMS's (Drupal, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento) XML Sitemaps and after that check your Sitemaps Report to verify that just your Sitemap okay or not.

8. Visual Sitemap and apply this search term for visual sitemaps generation source, as CMS/Visual Sitemap.

I hope, I helped thereafter if you feel that there have a way to improve this article then please share your opinion with us through our social media channel below.

     Thank you


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