Friday 13 November 2020

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SEOsiri Comment Policy

Due to increasing blog commenting trends (professional and unprofessional) on the SEOsiri, The SEOsiri team has defined and unveiled the blog comment policy for their respective blog readers, blog followers, and blog commenting professionals.

We the SEOsiri appreciate your presence on SEOsiri alongside we expect from you engaging comments (feedback and reactions) on our blog post that's continue an exclusive conversation.

SEOsiri comment policy

While you are commenting on SEOsiri then follow these SEOsiri's comment policy: 

👉 Avoid to Hated, vulgar, racist, sexual speech.

👉 Link redirection, hidden links are ineligible to comments.

👉 Over optimized comments.

👉 A fake or incomplete profile.

👉 Insulting and attempt to downfall a competitor business.

👉 Not more than one link allowed to publish.

👉 Comments length should be more than 300 to longer worded.

👉 Negative comparison article links are not allowed to posting as a comment

Promotional comments prohibited.

👉 Duplicate content Palagarised content, comments will mark as a spam comment.

👉 1-2 niche-based hashtags allowed to post in a single comment.

👉 Positive and suggestive comments/feedback/review surrounded the SEOsiri contextual content appreciated.

👉 Only 85-100 scored Domain Authority (DA) website, blog, and relevant link submission guaranteed.

👉 Discussion and constructive comments (that's increase conversation) are most welcome.

👉 Including copyrighted elements (trademarks) (restricted to digital marketers and blog commenting professionals) in a comment must be prohibited (open to copyright holder).

👉 Use the reference link and give the author credit where it's necessary.

👉 By posting a comment on SEOsiri blog post you agreed that opinions (blog comments) are your own.

👉 Any of the comments shouldn't go against others,

I.e- the nations, a community, gender, linguistic, religion, and ethnicity.

👉 Avoiding self minded, honest and respectful is the best practice also to approve a comment and in the main time by literal the opposite terms of these are the reason for comments disapproval.

👉 Sharing and caring: Share the SEOsiri content with your audiences.


If your comment meets with our blog commenting policy, then your comment will publish.

I Hope, this comment policy will help us to educate others also will help to build the best community ever.

Thank you


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