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The ultimate steps to creating backlinks from authority sites | Automated | Free | User Generated and Trustworthy

Do you know just backlinks can't help to rank up any of the content on any search engines?

Backlinks (external and internal) work better to matching with correlative contents that directly impact Google and other search engines.

So, If you want to rank one in search engines, you have to consider this the most SEO Strategists provided SEO factors, E-A-T, UX, Site Trustworthy rather than just depending on website backlinks. 

In the other word, quality content may rank high on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) without any backlinks but not all-time it works also there have a lot of chances to drop down in search rank because your competitors are analyzing the competitiveness of the keywords so that they can defeat you by your ranked keywords.    

So to generate a quality backlink of web content also to Growth hacking the website's visibility on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) you have to concentrate on curating the quality content following the below techniques, steps, and content curation platforms. 

ultimate steps to creating backlinks

“Create content that replies to the exact answers, Link content that's hooked up the audiences to click on a link, and drive them to the desired content that's they are interested in". - Momenul Ahmad

Now let's move forward to the ultimate techniques of creating backlinks by considering these steps to generate the automated (manual not booted), users generated and natural backlinks:

These steps are not referred to as backlinks outreach campaigns (blog commenting, link buying) rather you may call these backlinks creating steps as quality contents outreach to gaining the high-value backlink by content curation platforms. 

Steps 1. Blogging

Steps 2. DOC file. 

Steps 3. PDF.

Steps 4. Ebooks

Steps 5. Infographics.

Steps 6. Whitepapers.

Steps 7. Slides.

Steps 8. Newsletter in the email template.

Steps 9. Call for events, seminars, and conferences.

Steps 10. Go on-air- Videos (uploaded and live), Webinars, and Podcasts.

Steps 11. Template, Theme, Web Plugin (dev), Code Snippets (HTML Backlinks)

Steps 12. Branding.

Steps 13. Community building.

Steps 14. Channel development.

Steps 15. Social and Business communication. 

Steps 16. Content marketing. 

Steps 17. Visualize content as Images.


"Backlinks represents the quality of a website, backlinks represents the trustworthy of the websites" - Momenul Ahmad 

So, now whenever you are thinking of a link-building campaign to gain backlinks from high Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) sites, then follow the above techniques and steps to create free dofollow backlinks rather than nofollow backlinks.

Yes, It's free but intelligence methods of generating the permanent backlinks from relevant websites also the ultimate source for backlink searchers, especially those are searching for getting a link back by relevant niches site as:

How to get backlinks?

How to get backlinks for free?

How can I get free backlinks? 

How do I earn backlinks in 2020? 

How can I make backlinks?  

How do I build Edu backlinks?

"Create indexable and trustworthy content instead of searching the sources of backlinks placement". - Momenul Ahmad 

As per my backlink strategy, my suggestive argument to you is to spend time curating the quality content rather than searching for backlinking sources and if you follow these backlinks acquisition techniques then you haven't beg for backlinks and linking back to your content.

I hope I helped thereafter if you are willing to share your opinion to improve this content then answer me-

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Friday, 14 August 2020

The competitive keywords analysis in women's clothing | High CTR

"Not only the women's clothing business but also without any business strategy, strategic analysis, competitor analysis, competitive keywords analysis, none of any businesses aren't able to grow their Click Through Rate (CTR) on paid and organic keywords" - Momenul Ahmad

Where there's is a competition there's scope so don't be afraid cause I made these competitive keywords analysis guide by searching and researching the top best women's clothing sites (Sari and Sharies) worldwide and when I analyze those keywords then I focused on finding the reasons for competitive keywords ranking in women's clothing (Saree) as well as other women's dresses.  

So, whereas you are a startup womenpreneur, clothing business and owner for an eCommerce site, e-shop for women's and ladies fashion in the clothing industry (Sarees) then follow these competitive keyword analysis tactics to rank up high on the Search Engines, Social Media's and on the other affiliated sites by the searcher's search terms also to beat the competition COMPETITIVE KEYWORDS ANALYSIS and COMPETITIVE KEYWORDS GENERATING IDEAS

When I tried for high CTR keywords for Saree in women's clothing, then What have I been found in this competitive keyword analysis?  

When I tried for high CTR keywords for Saree in women's clothing, then I have been found and discovered a lot of  keywords sets those are well ranked and arranged properly by following the keywords length's best practice and well decorated by combining the noun, pronoun, adjectives, verb, adverb, preposition, etc just next after the keywords or before the keywords (phrase keyword where match by types) that's I'll unveil in these competitive keyword analysis table below that one hopefully make a sense when you are performing keywords research for paid search and organic search campaign.






Top sites to buy saree or sari online in USA, UK, Australia, UAE: Hateemtai, Samyakk, Kalaniketan, Sareeka, Parash India, Cbazaar, Lashkaraa, Utsav Fashion, Maple Fashion, Gravity Fashion, Sarees Bazar, Mirraw, dbsouq.

Free shipping, Member discount, Buy one Get one, Free laundry service, Exclusive custom design (on demand), Discount coupons, EMI facilities, Ethnicity focused,  etc.  

Saree Name + adjective phrase, Saree + Adjective Words, Saree + noun + adjective words, Saree + Active Voice, Saree + pronouns, Saree + preposition, Saree + Conjunction, Saree + Interjection, Saree + Simple Words, Saree + Compound Words, Saree + simple and compound words, Saree + Verb, Saree + adverb words, Key Features + Keywords, Brand Name + Keywords, Keywords + Question Phrases, Keywords + Search Intent, Keywords + Unfamiliar Words (user search for).



                                                                 Online Saree Shopping, Online Sari Shopping, Women's Clothing, Buy Saree Online, Types of Saree, Saree Price, Saree Name + Name of Place (where made, as ex- Dhakai Jamdani, Tangail Tant Saree), Saree Name + Price, Discounted + Saree, Discounted Sharee Price, Best Buy + Saree, Best Deal + Saree, Quality Saree, Cheap buy + Sarees Influencers (model, Designer and actress) Name + Saree or Dresses Name, Off Priced Sharees, Low-Cost Saree, High Priced Saree, Affordable and Comfortable Sarees, Top Rated Sarees, Popular Sarees, Design Saree, Occasional Saree, Age Range + Saree, Festival Name + Saree, Types of Product Materials and The Name of Saree + Price, Saree Name + Country (made by) + Color + Price + Age + Festival or + Occasion Name, Brand Name + Products Features + Price + Saree Name or Types, Promo offer + Saree Name, Flash Sale + Brand Name + Saree Name


Top sites to buy ladies dresses and saree online in India:  Flipkart, Amazon, Peach Mode, Myntra, Voonik, Kalki Fashion, Utshav Fashion, Saree. com, Snapdeal, Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal



Price range buy, Tracking order, Buy by brand's variant, Free size dresses to order and buy, Trendy focused, Industry-focused, etc.


Top sites to buy girls and women clothes and sarees online in Bangladesh: Daraz, Bagdom, priyoshop, Manobika, Othoba, Ajkerdeal, Shoppersbd, bdonline

Conditional return and refund, EMI facilities, Shipping discounts, Free shipping, Occasional discounts, Local shop delivery, Cash on delivery, Pre Booking, Cashback offer, Doorstep Tailoring service facilities, etc. 


Note 1.

When planning to optimize contents for SEO then follow these keywords generating tips in all of your eCommerce content, any of your digital media assets just replacing your keywords and features with the saree and saree relevant features that are I described and exampled in the third row's first cell of the above table.

Note 2.

Avoid keywords stuffing.

Note 3.

Consider the following the Natural language processing.

Note 4.

Try to writing the simple sentences and avoid the complexity in sentences.


Caution: Open-sourced but strictly prohibited to modification.


Invitation: Share opinion by contacting me and if found helpful then never hesitate to share these COMPETITIVE KEYWORDS ANALYSIS and COMPETITIVE KEYWORDS GENERATING IDEAS table and article with your community.


Prepared by

Momenul Ahmad


To reduce keywords competitiveness: Search, Research, Analysis, Write, Rewrite and Monitor performances as is your own also the competitor's keywords cause every impression is a matter (search performances and the sales lead). 

To win in keywords competition: There has a lot of keywords generator and SEO tools for monitoring the performance of the keywords in both case of you and your competitors but unfortunately, all are automated by that mean you and your competitors are seeing the same in keywords suggestion so there have a bunch of keywords competitions to beat and win in the same keywords at the same time. 

So, To win and defeat the competitors in keywords competition focus on your natural intelligence (follow competitive keywords generating cell from the above competitive keyword analysis table) besides on artificial intelligence and the machine learning process (Digital Marketing Software).  

"Competitors should never be given a chance because the competitors are waiting for an opportunity". - Momenul Ahmad

The competitive keywords analysis in women's clothing Industries (Shari) will help you to Find The Way (follow note 1 direction) for Improving the targeted keywords Rank on the SERPs also on the other digital marketplaces, eCommerce platforms so be ready to grow your clothing business and rank any kind of digital media or digital assets by following this competitive keyword analysis table cum keywords generation idea that's I especially researched for you Or Just Left Of For Your Competitors To Beat You Well In your keywords by your brand's keywords. 


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Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Digital Marketing, Webmaster, Content Creator at SEOsiri | Optimizing Search Engines, Optimizing Social MediaFounding Owner of The SEOsiri
Momenul Ahmad is the owner of The SEOSiri.comSEO, SEO Copywriting, SMM, SEM, SMO, Marketing, Content Marketer @seosiri, the one who helps biz's To Gen Lead & Love Social Networking.Online marketing and advertising expertise famed and named him as an SEO Consultant Momenul Ahmad.

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